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Soar through the weekend like a warrior 👊 Look out for these wonderful ladies subbing some AM classes this Sat and Sun ✌ Saturday 8:15am - Morning Flow 》Jessica 9:45am - Ybarre 》Jessica 11:00am - Yoga Flow 1》Natalie Sunday 8:15am - Yoga Flow 》Summer 9:30am - Yoga Flow 1》Summer 11:00am - Yin Yoga+Med 》Lorrie 5:00pm - Evening Flow 》Jennifer #weekendwarrior #warrior3 #domoreyoga

Have you met Britney? 😀👋 Join her today at 5:00pm and again tomorrow at 9:00am! Britney teaches: TUES - 5pm THURS - 5pm FRI - 9am You can expect a sweet vinyasa flow class set to great music! Build that heat and then cool it down 🔥❄ #hello #practicewithus #yogadaily #gowiththeflow #westcovinayoga

**SATURDAY, AUGUST 11th at 4:00pm!** Enjoy a relaxing and healing journey through the sounds and vibrations of crystal singing bowls and gongs. Restore the body and renew the mind with this soulful meditation experience. 🎶🎵🕉 Space is limited so reserve your spot today! 💓 💗 💓 💗 #soulful #soundbath #meditation #crystalbowls #singingbowl #gong #healing #reiki #westcovina

A casual reminder to release some of that tension in your body. Drop your shoulders back, relax your jaw, and soften the space between your brows. Take a deep inhale through the nose, hold that breath for a second, and release deeply through the mouth. Happy Friday, everyone! :) #relax #breathe #inhale #exhale #smile #happyfriday


A big thank you to all our amazing participants! It was absolutely wonderful to see your photos! Thank you for sharing your practice with us and for making this summer challenge one to remember! These lucky 6 are still in the drawing for the Grand Prize ~ a 1 Month Pass of unlimited classes! Good luck! The drawing will take place Friday, stay tuned for the winner!

Thank you awesome yogis for sharing your practice with us and thank you Audrey, Lalique, and Tracy for hosting our first ever Yoganette Summer Challenge! We loved seeing the beautiful and inspiring photos! Keep it up! Here are our Runner-Up Winners, congrats!! :)

Hello Yoganette Yogis and Happy Independence Day weekend!! 🇺🇸Can you believe we are on our last pose of our Summer Challenge!! Day 14 (7/4)- Sirsasana/ Headstand or Dolphin Pose/ headstand prep Our challenge Hostesses Audrey/ @reygardens Tracy/ @trace_asana Lalique/ @laliquekae demoing the different stages of the final challenge pose! Feel free to add a leg variation of your own! TIPS: Firm Arms. Shoulders away from ears. Widen back. Engage Belly. Hips over shoulders. Headstand: Feet flex to engage the legs BENEFITS: Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression. Dolphin: Strengthens shoulders and back to prep for Headstand. Don't forget to attach Hashtag #yoganettesummerchallenge / Tag Hosts! @yoganetteyogastudio Never to late to join! Lots of cool prizes! You can take a video linking all 14 poses of the challenge! Have a fun and safe 4th!! #yoga #yoganette #summer #igyoga #yogaeveryday #yogachallenge

#YoganetteSummerChallenge Hey yogis and yoginis! Your host, @Laliquekae here for DAY 13! Our challenge is coming to an end. So bitter sweet for us all. If you're playing catch up like I am, keep posting because we see you doin' your thang out there! DAY 13 (7/3) is bound angle pose aka baddha konasana POSE TIPS Soles of feet together, outer thighs down, inner thighs up, sit bones root, spine and side bodies lengthen, open chest, roll shoulders down POSE BENEFIT Hip-opener PLAY ALONG WITH US! It isn't too late! 1. Like or follow Yoganette on Instagram or Facebook 2. Post a photo or video Summer Challenge Asana everyday or variation of it 3. Tag #YoganetteSummerChallenge and Hosts CHALLENGES PRIZES Grade Prize 🎉 1-Month Unlimited Yoga • members and non-members are eligible #yoga #yogachallenge #yoganette #yoganetteyogastudio #summer