Reeve Estioko

Why I love Yoga

I never would have thought that I would ever become a yogi. But after taking just one class, I knew I've found something special. My mind and my body yearned for the calming and transforming effects that yoga provided. I'm constantly amazed by the life lessons that I've discovered through yoga and in which I try to apply in my everyday life. Yoga is not just something I want to do now, it's something I want to do throughout my lifetime.

Interesting fact

I love to play tennis. I've been playing ever since I was a kid and still play competitively in adult leagues. If I'm not on the mat, then I'm on the courts.

Favorite food

I love all types of food. As a flavor chemist, I'm always looking for interesting and delicious flavor profiles. I do have a weakness for sweets.

Teaching style

I like to create an environment where students can enjoy themselves doing yoga. Through proper alignment, students gain a great foundation that they could use to practice yoga throughout their lifetime. In a vinyasa based flow, students learn to connect their movement with their breathe. I enjoy seeing the transformations and the accomplishments that students take throughout their yoga journey.