Sheena Lee

Why I Love Yoga

I was initially drawn to it because of low back pain while training for a marathon. Eventually, yoga along with physical therapy, all my pain subsided and so did my anxiety & over thinking mind. Now, I love yoga because it allows me to just breathe deeply, move mindfully, and let go completely.

Interesting Fact

Not only has yoga brought peace to my mind and body, but it really has changed my life and inspired me to take it to the next level by going back to school to pursue chiropractic. Eventually, I’d love to work with athletes and veterans by combining both chiropractic treatments and the practice of yoga!

Teaching Style

No-nonsense and approachable. I teach a Yin/Yang style of yoga and typically have a body part focus during each class. I like to incorporate props and slowly warm up and open the body in order to facilitate safety,