Lalique Gangcuangco

Why I love Yoga

I love yoga because it's a holistic practice that anyone of any age, race, and economic background can partake. Through yoga, I developed my own, unique perspective on life, learned how to cope with daily triumphs and tribulations, grown physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger, and reconnected with myself in a way I never thought possible. The holistic progress I've made through my practice are what keep me practicing and teaching. I love yoga for what it teaches us to do on the mat. Most importantly, I love what yoga teaches us to bring into our lives off the mat, into our loved ones' lives, and into the lives of those who need it the most. I hope to use the positive, fun light within me to instill these teachings into my students' hearts and minds while being a part of their journey!

Interesting fact

I'm a nurse but am currently pursing an education and career as a nutrition major! I will always love nursing, but I found an amazing passion for nutrition, preventative healthcare through diet and exercise, and promoting holistic wellness. I currently do a lot of volunteer work with youth promoting healthy lifestyle choices. I coach an all-girls youth running team and train them for 5k races. I'm also a Wellness Chef for transitional foster youth. Most interesting fact: I LOVE what I do!

Favorite food

Choose a favorite? That's impossible for an adventurous foodie like me! But... I know that I love love love Pizza—with a capital "P". I love white sauce, vegetable-topped pizza, usually custom-made or homemade.

Teaching Style

My style is flowy, fun, and fiery! My background and training is Vinyasa Yoga, which I keep traditional flow-oriented while creating fluid connections and helping my students find release and center. However, expect to sweat and do more than stretch (I'm on a roll with alliteration). In contrast, I also teach Restorative Yoga. My class is composed of gentle, relaxing poses that I use to guide my students into a state of relief and complete relaxation. I strive to calm their racing minds, ease stress, and release tension.