Audrey Espinosa

Why do you love yoga?

I love yoga because it has the power to unite the mind and body for spiritual transformation, which is as much about grace as it is about physical discipline.

I find mental stillness during my physical yoga practice. Meditating in movement seems to work best for my over thinking mind. Practicing patience with yoga asanas has taught me to be more mindful about every aspect of my life and has impacted me positively in many ways I didn’t expect! I cannot help but want to share this with others and encourage their personal journey!

Interesting Fact

I have a green thumb! All my spare time is tending to my cacti/succulent garden. I live for taking photographs of my garden for a blog I run. I am a member of a local cactus and succulent society if that seals the deal on how much of a plant nerd I am!

Favorite Food

I love food. Period. My favorite thing to eat would be fruit, especially drenched with lemon and chili. My Father owns a Mexican style juice bar, which influenced my big passion for at home juicing and experimenting in the kitchen with healthy and organic meals. Whether my husband likes it or not!