Antoinette Contreras

Why I love Yoga

I completely fell in love with yoga 10 years ago – it lifted my spirits. It’s been in and out of my life…but a few years ago I religiously turned to it to de-stress and to work on chronic injury and pain. I was completely healed and promised to keep yoga in my life. And a huge plus – I shed about 30 pounds! Oh…an ultimate bonus…I’ve met the most wonderful and beautiful people because Yoga is in my life.

Interesting fact

I’m a raw foodie! I will drive for delicious RAW food!

Favorite food

There’s nothing like a big juicy bone-in rib-eye steak and baked potato (with the works!)…yummy! That was before RAW food entered my life! Now I’m 90% raw. I didn’t think I’d ever find anything to match my passion for yoga…and then there is RAW!

Teaching style

I looooove focusing on alignment…allowing students to experience amazing energy their body internally creates…feeling balanced and rooted.